Floating musical fountain on Iset river Yekaterinburg

Description of the fountain:

Country: Russia

City/Region: Yekaterinburg

Dimensions of the fountain:: 105 x 12 meters

Height of water jets:  over 22 meters

Number of jet nozzles:

  • Fountain nozzle OASE Сomet 15-17T -102pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle OASE Hollow Jet Nozzle HS 70/3.5 E -3 pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle OASE Rotating nozzle 5 – 30 E -4pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle OASE Comet Prec 20 – 20 silver-4pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle OASE Comet 10-12Т-21pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle ITK Water ITK -1pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle ITK RN-4 -4pcs.