Pedestrian light and music fountain “Castle” in Kaliningrad

Description of the fountain:

Country: Russia

City/Region: Kaliningrad

Fountain type: light music fountain with laser installations and projector.

Number of jet nozzles:

  • Komet 10-14T – 252 pgs.
  • Komet 15-17T – 72 pgs.
  • Hollow Jet Nozzle 68 – 1 pgs.
  • High speed valves OASE Vario Switch 010a -252 pgs.
  • Water screen nozzle OASE.

Number of pumps: 24 pumps with total capacity of 422 kW.

Auxiliary equipment:

-Laser installations Kvant

-Projector Panasonic

Fountain lighting:

  • Lamp ITK Led-L E101 RGB+W 36W IP68 – 21 pgs.
  • Lamp ITK Led-L E112 RGB+W 42W IP68 – 324 pgs