Musical Fountain in Chelyabinsk

Description of the fountain:

Country: Russia

City/Region: Chelyabinsk

Fountain type: Musical Fountain

Dimensions of the fountain: 30х16 m

Height of water jets:  over 17 meters

Number of jet nozzles:

  • Fountain nozzle OASE Cascade 130T    -1pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle  OASE  Cascade 90T -8pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle OASE  Schaumsprudler 55 – 10 E  -24pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle  OASE Comet 10 – 12 T -58pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle   OASE Rotating nozzle-4pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle Spraying cloups
  • Fountain nozzle  ITK Water ITK -1pcs.
  • Fountain nozzle Vario-Switch OASE-58pcs.